Tuesday, 30 August 2011

YOUR DEMISE - Miles Away

Genre: Hardcore
Ed McRae - Vocals
Stuart Paice - Guitar
Daniel Osborne - Guitar
Jimmy Sampson - Bass
James Taliby - Drums
Release Date: 7th October 2010

The video opens with a close up of Stu's guitar body, this shot is stationary unlike the majority of the other shots as while the take is playing the only thing that can be heard is a slow guitar riff. Then the roll of the snare drums and bass come in and the different shots all start to show movement. There are some shots showing either the band members jumping or close ups of the members of the corwd singing along to the chorus. These shots are to show the power of the song as this is one of the bands most famous singles to date. The video focuses on movement, the camera is nearly always moving it normally is done by handheld camera work from the crowds perspective to give it a POV feel and to show a hardcore gigs atmosphere. Hardcore is a very fast paced genre of music and the video tries to emmulate the atmosphere with constant movement wether it being from the crowd or band or the camera. The video is shot in a very cramped venue this is also refferance to the genre as it's not very likely you'd see a hardcore band at an arena with tens of thousands of people instead they would most likely play atbars or clubs that played punk/rock/metal or small stages at festivals. The video is also shot in black and white, this helps reinforce the idea of loneliness as the lyrics center around loneliness "You let go of me, to hold on to better things. In a world of Someones, I just wanted to be no one." the song title is also 'Miles Away' however it could also connote the breaking away from modern society/ the norm this is a centeral point with Hardcore Punk as it's all about being diffirant from the mainstream massive artists. The takes are also edited together at a very fast pace this also helps signify the ferocity and fast paced nature of the song, the shots also equally focus on each member it doesn't just focus on Ed like other band videos might, this is another thing hardcore punk bands are trying to do is to scrap the idea of the singer/frontman being the most important member of the band and have each member be just as important this helps show that each member of the band is as vital as the other.

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