Saturday, 12 May 2012

All - Final Magazine Advert

Here is our Final Magazine Advert.

All - Final Digipak

Here is the final digipak.

Front Panel

Bank Panel

Credit Section

Lyric Section


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

CO - Digipak Additions

I have made some edits to the digipak, and have now included a sticker detailing the contents, and also a spine with the name of the digipak, a catalogue number and the record label on it. In addition to THAT, I have also changed the format of the inside so that there is a pullout/booklet for the lyrics, printed on every page, giving the text more room and also allowing for more images to be incorporated into the digipak. To see the largest version of the pullout, clickhere. Lastly, I have edited the tracks on the back of the digipak to suit the conventions more and changed the font to a more eroded and distorted one too.

To see the updated digipak back, click here.
To see the updated digipak front, click here.
To see the new lyric pages, click here.