Monday, 12 September 2011

Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers

Artist: Tyler, The Creator
Song Title: Yonkers
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop
Director: Wolf Haley
The infamous cockroach...

Tyler going blind.
The video for Yonkers shows Tyler lip syncing through out the entire video, this is a very common convention of all music videos and especially of Hip-Hop videos. The video consists of 3 extremely long takes, this goes against most other music videos which consist of loads of small takes. However the long takes work due to the constant movement of the camera and Tyler himself. The video was shot with a perspective control lens this is the cause of the blurriness throughout the video. The use of black and white is also used to show the two sides of Tyler's personality 'Wolf Haley' and 'Tyler Okonma' the track is centred around both personalities arguing with each other. The video is very controversial, mainly because of the hanging scene towards the end however the shot of Tyler's silhouette vomiting was seen as vulgar.  The m
essage of the video is centred around hip-hop today and how it's lost all meaning to the artist. The roach is meant to symbolise 'mainstream America' in the video we see him take it in (When he eats it) It makes him sick to his stomach and makes him vomit, Tyler is shown to hate himself at this point. His eyes turn black to show him turning blind as to why he got into music, after realising this he kills himself.
Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers from Dauphín on Vimeo.

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