Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Heart of a Coward - Shade

Band: Heart of a Coward
Song Title: Shade
Year: 2011
Genre: Metalcore
Director: Jack Lilley
Target Audience: 15-24

The video is strictly a performance video. The video incorporates a large amount of common conventions used in modern music videos, such as lip syncing and focusing on the vocalists, however it does also focus on the instruments themselves such as  close ups on the guitars with the pick ups being a focal point and shots of the drummer on his drum kit. The video is very dark and uses minimal lighting which only shine on the band members and the front row of the crowd. This connotes darkness and possibly evil/supernatural, this is a reference to the genre which is normally associated with 'evil' and being quite a dark and heavy genre. The lights flashing creates a chaotic enviroment. The video does get boring fast due to it being an all performance piece as there is no change in scenery really it's just different angles in the same location. There isn't enough shot variation as well which is a downfall of the video, as the video does get a bit boring at times due to this, however there is some interesting shots with interesting framing.

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