Tuesday, 18 October 2011

While She Sleeps - Bel(lie)ve (draft)

Artist: While She Sleeps
Song Title: Be(lie)ve
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: Febuary 21st 2011
Target Audience: 15-24

The video is a concept performance video that follows typical conventions of music video. The singer is the focus, however not entirely as there are a nhumber of shots focused on different band members and close ups of their instruments. The video also uses shots of lip synching which is a convention used in the majority of music videos. The shots are edited at a rapid pace this is because it's a very fast 'bouncy' hardcore/metalcore song. Tracking shots are used loads in the video, and pan across the entire band, this is to show movement. The video also has a concept idea of a bunch of angry working class metal fans running with various tools like wrenches and crowbars, this could link into the bands origin of Sheffield which is known as Steel City and is famous for being largely working class, the people shown running are nearly all heavily tattooed and pierced these break away from normal mainstream norms which would link to the audience as this isn't the music a group of preppy kids would be listening to typically. The location is also really rundown and looks like some sort of abandoned industrial area which hints at a working class audience. The people running are all male which hints at the masculine audience of people around 15-24.

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