Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunburnt In December (draft)

The band which me and my colleagues are using is mine and Conor's band Sunburnt in December. The band started as a side project for a few of us who were already in a band (me, Conor and Mitch) we were all in pop-punk bands at the time and loved heavier music, we had tried before to delve into heavier music but it never happened. Me, Mitch and Conor then decided to start the band, we went on the look for a rhythm guitarist and bassist, as Mitch wanted to sing and play lead guitar, Conor was the only drummer in the area with the skill to play metalcore music on the drums which is filled with double bass fills and large amounts of technical patterns and I was lead vocalist, I was the singer of another band and had incorporated screams into songs before but they were frowned upon by our guitarist at the time, so I wanted to try out screaming vox. We then  found Elliot in the year below after me and Conor were talking on a Facebook post about 'The Devil Wears Prada' in which Elliot had commented on we asked him if he played a instrument and he said guitar, Elliot has now become the backbone of the band, we practice at his and he writes a large amount of the  riffs. We then were on the lookout for a bassist, we then realized the perfect candidate... Jem Whitehead, he was an incredible bassist and we wanted someone who had been in a band before, who could help write songs. Jem at first showed no interest, but gradually has started to show an interest in the band. We got together and wrote our first song 'Where There's a Will, There's a Wave' a nautical song inspired by the band Parkway Drive, a band we are all very fond of. We then started making songs rapidly such as 'Ghosts With A Voice' , 'Take It All Back' and 'Like A Match To An Arsonist'. We have got a grant from a professional recording studio in Leeds where we will be recording probably our best song 'Like A Match To An Arsonist'. 

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