Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Idea

a person in limbo.
My idea started off with me watching An American Werewolf In London, whilest watching the start and the attack on the moor I started thinking how I could make a scary werewolf related video due to Ilkley moor being right there to film on. So I started to pen ideas and came up with the idea that a band had just packed gear into the van from their last gig ready to set off for their next one, in a strange town called Ilkley, whilest traveling along the moors they spot a hulking creature to the side of the road and stupidly decide to investigate, whilest doing so they get attacked and split up and gradually hunted down by the monster untill morning. I was going to also have some performance in there, perhaps in a small cramped room with some sort of interesting light source and possibly play around with colours and lack of colour. I was also playing with the idea that the last part of the video was shot the morning after the attack and the band performing in limbo on the moor with guts and blood strewn all over. If you've seen American Werewolf In London you'll understand the concept of limbo. If not it's basicaly that the werewolf when he turns human can see the ghosts of who he's killed, usually with horrific wounds and rotting flesh. I was thinking of adding some 'found footage' as well to add to the scariness, I've found an example of some found footage related to a werewolf made by someone however I will be making it so you can't actually see the creature, maybe just the occasional glimpse of tooth or fur or what not. I felt this was a good idea due to horror in metal music videos.

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