Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CO - Convetions of magazine adverts

Magazine adverts are regularly placed to advertise a certain band or artist's forthcoming product, such as an album, a single, a digipak or a special edition disc or something similar. The other group picked out a list of common conventions concerning the layout of a magazine advert;

  • The artist's name is generally the most noticeable on the magazine advert to attract the attention of the reader straight away.
  • The single or album's name is also very visible in the advertisement. 
  • Web address - the band's advertisement will often include urls to their Facebook website, possibly their MySpace (although MySpace is declining rapidly in popularity due to websites like Facebook and Twitter taking all their traffic). The web addresses will also detail the record label and normally a ticket website where tickets for tours and gigs can be purchased. 
  • There is also sometimes an image of the band in plain view, however this is not always the case as sometimes an abstract design or something similar is shown instead. 
  • In a similar style, the theme of the band or the theme of the album will be echoed in the magazine advert, for example the advert for Blink 182's new album, Neighborhoods; the album's lyrical content details some suburban-themed ideas, reflective in the advert. 
  • In another form of social networking is the use of #hashtags on the microblogging website to attract attention to the band through letting other users of the website see it on their timeline. 
A Twitter user hashtagging deathcore band The Acacia Strain in a tweet
whilst also hashtagging an emotion and mentioning COD. 
  • There may also be a shot of the product in its physical form rather than just the album art in a production shot that shows the reader the detail of the album or single or EP. 
  • Similarly to the above point, if there isn't a photo of its physical form then there will more than likely be a picture of the album artwork accompanying the text.
  • The poster or advert might also depict the name of a single that's been released prior to the whole album so that readers know something they're getting. 
  • There is always a release date for the product on the magazine article, either that or if the album has already been released, "Out Now".

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