Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lyrics To 'Like A Match To An Arsonist'

Join something greater than yourself
be on the lookout
for our eyes
we know the man in the sky
he's our everything
no mentioning
of the past is needed
we are your brothers
our hearts set to discover
the truth behind our lives

There's no need for airs or graces
faked up smiles and masked up faces
there's no need for innovation
this is your invitation
we are your new family
and we will welcome you
to our society
This new family will happily welcome you
to our

Fear is what controls you
his power will soothe you
exorcise yourself
with words of wisdom
meditate in his presence
he controls you now
he is me
he is all
he is everything you call


If you're not on your best behaviour
to the brimstone you will be thrown
no saviours now
your seeds are

He's in your head
it's better than dead
we love you
he loves you
the pearly gates beckon for eternal bliss
only to live by certain

Ahhh f**k I think I'll just go to hell...

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