Thursday, 19 April 2012

SB - Miss May I Research

Miss May I
Miss May I are an american metalcore band from Troy, Ohio they formed in 2006 and signed to the notorious metalcore recored label Rise Records in 2008. They released the first album Apologies Are For The Weak through the label. Original members are Levi Benton, Justin Aufdemkampe, BJ Stead, Ryan Neff (who left in late 2007 to join Cincinnati band, Rose Funeral and was then replaced by Josh Gillespie), and Jerod Boyd. their first release was a 5-track EP titled Vows for a Massacre and followed it up with a demo in 2008, which was self-released. The band released the next album Monument in 2010. 


Apologies Are For The Weak


SB - Casting

In our music video the band members make up for the entire cast.  The band members consisted of an all male, late teen group. We felt it was easier just to have the band as the cast due to practical purposes and for direction it was easier to control a smaller number of people. When filming the werewolf scenes we used one of the band members who wasn't filming or whoever was holding the camera at the time. The members of the band fit in with the typical audience of the genre young males, this is also a convention of metalcore bands the members are made up of young males between the age of 15-24.

When we filmed we gave the band a uniform appearance by making everyone where skinny jeans, a black t shirt and trainers however we did change this up with the vocalists outfit. We made the vocalists outfit appear different because we wanted to single him out as the front man of the band.