Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All - Behind The Scenes Update

During the time between Sunburnt in December recording a demo of their song "Like A Match To An Arsonist" to now (29th December) we have struggled to export the behind the scenes footage. There have been several reasons for were: whilst exporting the first time, somehow, the video had five minutes of complete darkness added on to the end, and towards the end of the month had several days off due to Jubilee Day and a training day. As well as the need to film and edit sample footage.

However the situation with the five minutes of complete darkness has now been resolved by simple re-exporting the footage.

Here is the behind the scenes footage of the Sunburnt In December recording "Like A Match To An Arsonist":

The fully finished track:

Thursday, 24 November 2011

CO - Performance Sample Scenes

We have a Jubilee Day next Wednesday, which is actually the date of our regular band practices with Sunburnt In December; this means that instead of the normal 2 hours we usually have, we will be able to spend around 5 or more hours practicing, which means we can record footage of performance as we play Like A Match To An Arsonist at practice, as we can get miming right and include it in the sample footage. We will use two cameras to shoot HD footage and import it later next week.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

SB - Talking To Actors

We've talked to the actors who are going to be in  the music video which consists of the band.
Sam - Vocals
Conor - Drums
Jem - Bass
Mitch - Guitar
Elliot - Guitar

We've talked to them about costume, and how we will be buying the costume. We've all decided it would be easier if we wore plains clothes on the shoot. White/black t - shirts this would mean we're more likely to have less continuity errors based around costume. We also discussed the idea with them and got positive feedback paired with minor criticisms which we've considered and changed our idea around e.g Jem driving a van on the moor... We discussed location as well and decided that the twelve apostles maybe a tad bit to far to walk with equipment for the performance but we decided on a location close to the cow and calf but out  of the way from the general public.

CO - Convetions of magazine adverts

Magazine adverts are regularly placed to advertise a certain band or artist's forthcoming product, such as an album, a single, a digipak or a special edition disc or something similar. The other group picked out a list of common conventions concerning the layout of a magazine advert;

  • The artist's name is generally the most noticeable on the magazine advert to attract the attention of the reader straight away.
  • The single or album's name is also very visible in the advertisement. 
  • Web address - the band's advertisement will often include urls to their Facebook website, possibly their MySpace (although MySpace is declining rapidly in popularity due to websites like Facebook and Twitter taking all their traffic). The web addresses will also detail the record label and normally a ticket website where tickets for tours and gigs can be purchased. 
  • There is also sometimes an image of the band in plain view, however this is not always the case as sometimes an abstract design or something similar is shown instead. 
  • In a similar style, the theme of the band or the theme of the album will be echoed in the magazine advert, for example the advert for Blink 182's new album, Neighborhoods; the album's lyrical content details some suburban-themed ideas, reflective in the advert. 
  • In another form of social networking is the use of #hashtags on the microblogging website to attract attention to the band through letting other users of the website see it on their timeline. 
A Twitter user hashtagging deathcore band The Acacia Strain in a tweet
whilst also hashtagging an emotion and mentioning COD. 
  • There may also be a shot of the product in its physical form rather than just the album art in a production shot that shows the reader the detail of the album or single or EP. 
  • Similarly to the above point, if there isn't a photo of its physical form then there will more than likely be a picture of the album artwork accompanying the text.
  • The poster or advert might also depict the name of a single that's been released prior to the whole album so that readers know something they're getting. 
  • There is always a release date for the product on the magazine article, either that or if the album has already been released, "Out Now".

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lyrics To 'Like A Match To An Arsonist'

Join something greater than yourself
be on the lookout
for our eyes
we know the man in the sky
he's our everything
no mentioning
of the past is needed
we are your brothers
our hearts set to discover
the truth behind our lives

There's no need for airs or graces
faked up smiles and masked up faces
there's no need for innovation
this is your invitation
we are your new family
and we will welcome you
to our society
This new family will happily welcome you
to our

Fear is what controls you
his power will soothe you
exorcise yourself
with words of wisdom
meditate in his presence
he controls you now
he is me
he is all
he is everything you call


If you're not on your best behaviour
to the brimstone you will be thrown
no saviours now
your seeds are

He's in your head
it's better than dead
we love you
he loves you
the pearly gates beckon for eternal bliss
only to live by certain

Ahhh f**k I think I'll just go to hell...

RM - A Brief History of Music Videos

During the 1980s music videos came into the limelight after the channel MTV was setup basing the channel around the medium. The first music video MTV showed was "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles. Although this was not the first station to show music videos the first one was BBC. The long-running British TV show Top of the Pops began playing music videos in the late 1970s, this meant a good video would increase a song's sales as viewers hoped to see it again the following week.

However music videos have nearly been in existent for a hundred years but were called several different names including talkies, Screen Songs, Promotional clips and Musical films.
Although modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of the accompanying single and album.

During the 2000s lo-fi videos started being made. Lo-fi is made with minimal budgets and not much shot variation. The most common lo-fi music video is called a one-shot where the entire video is one shot. The reason for these types of music video becoming what it is known for today was due to the shift towards internet broadcasting and a rise in popularity for user-generated video sites with YouTube being the leader in the market. Artists including R.E.M. and Tom Jones have had lo-fi music videos for their singles.

All - A2 Vid 2012 Treatment

Our treatment for this year's coursework.

A2 Video 2012 - Sublime Transcendence

Friday, 11 November 2011

RM - Research into bands of the genre - Meshuggah

Meshuggah are a metal band from Sweden, formed in 1987, at this time the line-up was Fredrik Thordendal (Guitar), Jens Kidman (Vocals), Johan Sjögren (Guitar), Per Sjögren (Drums) and Jörgen Lindmark (Bass). However Kidman soon left the band and started the band Calipash.

In 1988 Sjögren left Meshuggah and guitarist Jonas Lindberg took his place in the band. Although later on Thordendal found Calipash’s music more in line with what he wanted to do and so left the band, as well as leaving the band Thordendal took the band's name Meshuggah. From then on Calipash were known as Meshuggah. However after the newly re-formed group Torbjörn Granström, one of the founding members of Calipash left the band.

In 1989 Meshuggah's line up consisted of Fredrik Thordendal (Guitar and Vocals), Jens Kidman (Guitar and Vocals), Niclas Lundgren (Drums) and Peter Nordin (Bass). During this year the band released their debut EP entitled "Psykisk Testbild". However later this year Lundgren decided to leave the band. Tomas Haake replaced Lundgren in 1990 before the band recorded their debut LP entitled ""Contradictions Collapse" which was release in 1991. During this period the band had been signed to Nuclear Blast, a German record company.

Drummer Tomas Haake
At the end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993 the vocalist and guiartist (at the time), Kidman, decided to relive his guitar duties and consenrate on his vocals. This left the responsiblities for guitar to Mårten Hagström. This new line-up recorded the EP "None" in 1994 as well as "Selfcaged", which was a demo for the band's upcoming album “Destroy Erase Improve" this album was released in 1995. "Selfcaged was released in 1994. However Peter Nordin left the band due to personal reasons and illness which he suffered throughout the start of 1995. Gustaf Hielm replaced Nordin in the 1998 after being a session member for two years.

The band recorded their next albym in May 1998 and was released in November the same year, the album was called "Chaosphere". Chaosphere, showed a faster and more aggressive Meshuggah. Three years later the band released a collection of rare tracks entitled "Rare Trax". The album consisted of demos and impossible-to-find recordings. 
The band's next album was entitled "Nothing", it was released in August 2002 and it showed a Meshuggah focusing more on groove and a lower/growlier production. The band continued to promote the album until Hielm parted with the band. After the departure of Hielm the band entered the studio to record the 21 minute song later to be named “I”. With Gustav now no longer in the band, Meshuggah needed to find a new bassplayer the band recruited Dick Lövgren. In 2005 the band released “Catch Thirtythree", this new album was very guitar driven. The band's next album "obZen" was released in 2008. 

Meshuggah Discography


Contradictions Collapse (1991)

Destroy Erase Improve (1995)

Chaosphere (1998)

Nothing (2002)

Catch Thirtythree (2005)

obZen (2008)


Compilation albums:

Rare Trax (2001)

Extended plays:

Psykisk Testbild (1989)

None (1994)

Selfcaged (1995)

The True Human Design (1997)

I (2004)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Song.

Here is a raw edit of the song we recorded today we have some footage to upload and edit into a studio update with Richard tomorrow. Anyway here it is.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sublime Transcendence - Meet The Group

Sublime Transcendence - Meet The Group

Name: Sam Boyes
Nickname: Boy-z/Boyzoid
Winning Factor: Pretty kwl guy, dosen't afraid of anything
Favourite bands: Nirvana, 30 Seconds To Mars, letlive.
What he brings to the group: Main idea and concept, best knowledge of horror genre

Name: Conor O'Loughlin
Nickname: Conor "Conor O'Loughlin" O'Loughlin
Winning Factor: He once won the game
Favourite bands: Funeral For a Friend, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, The Acacia Strain, Periphery
What he brings to the group: Had a very similar idea to Sam, meaning he could suggest ideas too. Best knowledge of musical genre used

Name: Richard McLachlan]
Nickname: Cluckie/Cluckles/Hobo the clown/Fumbles the clown/Clumsy McBobo/Stinky Pete/Thomas
Winning Factor: Enjoys the company of panda bears
Favourite bands: Muse, The Killers, Kasabian, Paramore
What he brings to the group: Organisation and best knowledge of media techniques

SBID Studio Update

We have now set a date this week to go to the recording studio where we will be recording 'Like A Match To An Arsonist'. We will be recording on the 6th of november all day, we will then each given a CD with the raw track on, which we will listen to, to see if there's anything we want to change and then head back on a seperate date to get the track mastered.

My Idea

a person in limbo.
My idea started off with me watching An American Werewolf In London, whilest watching the start and the attack on the moor I started thinking how I could make a scary werewolf related video due to Ilkley moor being right there to film on. So I started to pen ideas and came up with the idea that a band had just packed gear into the van from their last gig ready to set off for their next one, in a strange town called Ilkley, whilest traveling along the moors they spot a hulking creature to the side of the road and stupidly decide to investigate, whilest doing so they get attacked and split up and gradually hunted down by the monster untill morning. I was going to also have some performance in there, perhaps in a small cramped room with some sort of interesting light source and possibly play around with colours and lack of colour. I was also playing with the idea that the last part of the video was shot the morning after the attack and the band performing in limbo on the moor with guts and blood strewn all over. If you've seen American Werewolf In London you'll understand the concept of limbo. If not it's basicaly that the werewolf when he turns human can see the ghosts of who he's killed, usually with horrific wounds and rotting flesh. I was thinking of adding some 'found footage' as well to add to the scariness, I've found an example of some found footage related to a werewolf made by someone however I will be making it so you can't actually see the creature, maybe just the occasional glimpse of tooth or fur or what not. I felt this was a good idea due to horror in metal music videos.