Thursday, 21 July 2011

Analysis of Parkway Drive - Karma

A Brief Introduction to Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive is an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, formed in 2002.[1][2] As of 2010, Parkway Drive has released three full-length albums, Killing with a SmileHorizons, and Deep Blue, a DVD, an EP, entitled Don't Close Your Eyes and two split albums. 

Current members
  • Ben Gordon – drums (since 2002)
  • Luke Kilpatrick – guitar (since 2002)
  • Jeff Ling – guitar (since 2002)
  • Winston McCall – vocals (since 2002)
  • Jia O'Connor – bass (since 2006)

The video for the single Karma consists of two major locations, The beach of Byron Bay and the sea. The video is split into two the first half is on the beach the members are fully clothed. Then there is a change of an arial shot of a speed boat in the sea. then the band start to rip clothes off to reveal wet suits and swimming trunks and grab surf boards and body boards. There are some shots of performance in the sea such as the drummer sat on a board playing a snare drum. The video uses mostly static close ups or mid shots of the individual band members with some long shots showing the entire band. These can signify crucial moments in the video such as focus on guitars on solos or breakdowns and the double bass pedal in a breakdown. the takes for the surfing scenes are fast however some shots of the members getting 'air' of the crest of a wave are slowed down. During the last phase of the song the band are seen on the beach wearing wetsuits or trunks playing their instruments in the same formation as before. There is a shot of the vocalist screaming and during the scream the camera seems to shake to emphasise the power behind it. When the band first take their clothes of on the beach in the first half of the song  there could be a hidden meaning, the taking off of the 'hardcore uniform' and change into what the band does in their leisure time which is surfing this links into the band now becoming their day job and the surfing being a leisure activity when before the band would have also been a leisure activity.


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