Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Challenges of Remaking a Music Video

reshooting a music video shot for shot is a hard task which requires you to know a certain video inside out. In our case we're remaking 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears. Some challenges we'll face are lighting, editing and the directiong and choreography of some certain takes. The lighting is a crucial part of any music video and in this case a large amount of lights are used to make everyone seem more glamourus. For us to pull of this we would have to hire a lighting crew or buy and man some lighting equip[ment ourselves, hoiwever the production is a zero budget production and this wouldn't realy be an option, as ta lighting crew and rig can cost a hefty sum. The editing will also be a problem as making sure that the clips are edited to look like the original will be tricky as well as the timing of cuts and length of takes, however I wouldn't expect it to match up identically as in the limited time frame we have for this that's unreasonable. Directing actors may also be a pain as we will have to make sure their actions match that of the people in the original music video. Lip synching is the main problem as we may take most of our time on this aspect as it's very hard to get it exactly like the track.

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