Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deftones - Hole In The Earth

Artist: Deftones
Song Title: Hole In The Earth
Release Date: 12th September 2006
Genre: Alternative Metal
Director: Brian Lazzaro

The video for hole in the earth is a narrative and performance video. The video shows shots off the band playing against either a green screen or blue screen background which has had a CGI background imposed onto it later in editing. The video tends to focus on Chino (the singer) as he is the main part of the narrative. The narrative for the video is that  Deftones singer/intergalactic traveler Chino Moreno and his space pod fall to earth in this video for "Hole On The Earth." Once on the ground, it becomes apparent that his proximity to the stars has imbued him with an aura which causes all earthly matter that he comes in contact with to disintegrate. There are also shots of computer screens showing a black hole coming closer to the earth. This links in with some of the lyrics. The video uses alot of imagery from space, including shots of band members with redshift.  the lighting in the shots are supposed to depict stars.  The video has shot of the singer lip synching this is a typical convention of most music videos. The shots tend ton linger on Chino the most due to him ebing the frontman of the band, he is the singer of the band meaning he has the most connection to the audiance because he's the 'spokesperson' of the band , as it is much easier to convey the meaning behind the song through lyrics then just the music by itself. the video makes is mostly shot against a blue/green screen which might be hard to replicate in my own work but it can be done, there are a few shots though that aren't shot againt a background which is Chino laying in a pod with screens around him.

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