Monday, 5 December 2011

SB - letlive. research

letlive. are primarily a hardcore band with elements of different genres mixed in there such as metalcore, jazz and funk. The band are from Los Angeles, California. The band has released three albums :

  • Exhaustion, Saltwater, and Everything in Between (2004 At One Records)
  • Speak Like You Talk (2005 At One Records)
  • Fake History (2010 Tragic Hero), (2011 Epitaph re-release

Their latest endeavor Fake History has been quoted as; "a post-hardcore album fit for many of 2010's best-of lists" and representing "their exhilarating brand of progressive hardcore"

After a lineup change (with only vocalist/writer Jason Aalon Bulter remaining), their second album Speak Like You Talk was released in 2005, also on At One Records. The group gained momentum and after more personnel changes, signed with Tragic Hero Records in 2009. They released Fake History on Tragic Hero and it got favorable reviews The band continued touring and after signing with Epitaph Records in February 2011, undertook a brief European tour. Epitaph re-released Fake History in April 2011 with three additional tracks, including two B-sides and one new song produced by Brett Gurewitz. The re-release has been the subject of several favorable reviews. The band are known for their incredible stage presence and live shows being 'crazy'. They have four music videos of tracks that are off Fake History. These include 'Muther' 'The Sick Sick 6.8 Billion' '

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