Thursday, 2 February 2012

SB - Target Audience

Fans at a Your Demise gig
Metalcore fans tend to be teenagers (15-24) of both genders, however the genre is very male orientated but it seems that females are more vocal about their opinions on metalcore bands as well as other topics associated with metalcore. The target audience tends to be 15- 24 this is evident through websites associated with the genre like Facebook groups, twitter, forums such as Kerrang!

Metalcore is more of a masculine genre than others possibly due to the heavy nature of the music. Live performances usually cater to a male audience because of things such as 'mosh pits' 'headbanging' and 'hardcore dancing' these are very active quite violent actions which appeal to more active male fans.

The genre is frowned upon by older generations due to it being a micro genre and the repetitiveness of the genre. Another reason could be the fact that metalcore is heavily influenced by old thrash metal bands such as Sepultura, Napalm Death and Metallica.

The majority of bands have all male members which also reinforces that the genre is a very male orientated genre. However there are bands such as Iwrestledabearonce and arch enemy are two examples of metalcore bands including female members.

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